Pitney Bowes Inc announces the release of 
MapInfo Pro 64 bit

Pitney Bowes Inc announced the release of MapInfo Pro 64 bit. The 64 bit version “simplifies map production and enables businesses to quickly and easily create and analyse important geographic data.”

Instead of processing data with spreadsheets, MapInfo Pro 64 bit visualizes geographical data to give greater analytical insight with this use of maps.

This latest version of MapInfo Pro cuts training time for users by up to 70% from two weeks to two days. This is aided by an intuitive user interface, live editing capabilities and geomapping functionalities. With training time reduced businesses are able to see and use their data sooner.

With a purchase of MapInfo Pro 64 bit, users are able to access one of the largest sources of data collected from experts around the world. This includes 350 datasets from 240 countries with 85 million points of interest.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of MapInfo Pro 64 bit or any GIS consultancy, please contact Ultranyx at info@ultranyx.com.


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