Big Data Workshop 

Today, Ultranyx were very pleased to co-host the first in a series of workshops on Big Data in the Life Sciences Hub in Cardiff Bay.

Along with HPC Wales, Butterfly Projects and Living Data, Ultranyx was able to introduce many companies to the world of Big Data and what it can do for them. Ultranyx’s very own Ian Drury opened the day with the presentation “An introduction to Big Data”, which merely touched the surface on what Big Data is and is capable of. This was followed by Butterfly Projects Sarah Boltman on the subject of “Data Analytics – Where all the Action Happens”. The morning session was then closed out by Living Data’s Dr Nic Caine with the presentation “A deeper insight into the NoSQL world and graphing analytics”.

The afternoon session kicked off with HPC Wales’ Sid Kashyap discussing the subject “High Performance Computing: how it can Solve Big Data Challenges for any Business”. Finally to finish the day, the audience were able to ask a panel of experts which included all of the speaker’s plus Ultranyx’s Allan Hagan and HPC Wales’ Luke Davies any question on the subject of Big Data.

With today being just the first step, Ultranyx along with HPC Wales, Butterfly Projects and Living Data look forward to working with the attendees in the future.


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