About Ultranyx

Ultranyx makes the complex simple.

Developing innovative smart boxes for the management of both Big Data and Geospatial Data, we have made accessing and utilising these important data sets easy and efficient.

Ultranyx has extensive experience in delivering large and mission critical systems to major worldwide corporate and government organisations, and has provided solutions for companies in the telecoms, finance, government and defence sectors.

Key to Ultranyx’s success is our understanding of non-industry specific problems, as well as our audience’s short- and long-term business objectives. From conception through to realisation, Ultranyx’s experts are available to offer valuable consultancy and training pertaining to every aspect of their products.

Understanding the complexities of working with Big Data and Geospatial Data has enabled Ultranyx to simplify and improve the processing, storage, analysis and security of such data dramatically.

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